An all natural at-home treatment for dry eyes...just one minute a day provides dramatic results in the "Blink of an Eye"!

It’s so easy you can do it with your eyes closed!

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A change in lifestyle

“… Seeing the dramatic difference… Why wasn’t I using this before” “it made my life so much better” “I was just amazed that it worked in such a short period”. This is what NuLids patients are saying.


96% of patients say that they would be disappointed without NuLids

97% of patients that purchased a NuLids System from a treating doctor remain with that same doctor

67% of NuLids patients report being able to reduce their dependence on the use of over-the-counter moisturizing drops, gels, lubricants and/or prescription dry eye medications

Where to get NuLids?

Search for a NuLids Dry Eye Specialist in your area or click the links below based upon your country of residence.

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You may have Dry Eyes if your eyes:

• Sting, feel gritty, or have a burning sensation?
• Feel like they’re constantly watering?
• Bother you on windy days or in air-conditioned rooms?
• Become tired when reading or using the computer?
• Get uncomfortable to wear your contact lenses?
• Have changes in vision throughout the day?
If so, then NuLids may be your answer!

Choose your NuLids plan

Get NuLids at home dry eye treatment. One minute per day! Delivered to your doorstep.


Price: $319
Sale $249


  • $70 Discount
  • Free Shipping
  • NuLids Rechargeable Hand Piece
  • One month supply of NuLids tips
  • NuLids Charger Plug with 3 ft. Cord
  • Fast Track Education
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NuLids is Safe

• 500,000+ treatments perfomed with no reported adverse events

• Provided by over 700 eye doctors around the world as well as major universities

The NuLids System may reduce your need for expensive over-the-counter lubricants, gels, and tears, that can cost on average $600 to $1,000 per year.



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what NuLids users saying:

“It’s so fast, and that small little change in routine makes a huge difference in your overall lifestyle. It gave me my quality of life back and that’s invaluable to me. Thank you NuLids!”


– “At only 30 seconds per eye, it was so easy to add to my daily routine – brush my teeth, wash my face, and clean my eyelids.”


“Everything I was told NuLids would do for me-it did. I am very grateful for that. It’s now a part of my daily routine and I’m never going back!”


Quick Results

“My staff used it over the weekend… I was surprised at how quickly she had  results… Didn’t have to use drops once that day” 

• NuLids improve signs and symtoms of dry eye disease
• Patients reported a 52% reduction in both the severity and frequency on OSDI surveyof their dry eye symptoms after one month
• NuLids has been shown to increase Meibomian glands yielding liquid secretion by over 80%
• NuLids’ increased Tear Breakup Time by 60%
• NuLids’ oscillating tip works by gently stimulating and rejuvenating the patient’s Meibomian Glands

The NuLids 30 & 180 KITS

Special offers to get started!

Fast and easy home-based therapy provides real sustainable improvement for those with evaporative dry eye.

Education. Treatment. Support.

NuLids 30 & NuLids 180

• NuLids Handpiece
• 30-day Supply of NuLids Soft Tips with NuLids 30
• 180-day Supply of NuLids Soft Tips with NuLids 180
• Charger and Charger Cord
• Quick Start Guide

Education & Ease of Use Training

• Dry Eye Educational Videos
• Online Instructional Videos & User Guide
• Customer Solutions & Support

Secure Portal Access & App

• Access Your Account from Anywhere 24/7
• Reorder NuLids Disposable Soft Tips
• Manage Your Account


*Nearly $120 in total savings on a purchase of the NuLids 180 and a $70 savings on the NuLids 30

Free Shipping – Renew your prescription from home