The One of a Kind Dry Eye Treatment Device You Can Use at HOME

NuLids is a small, hand-held device intended to treat Dry Eye caused by Blepharitis or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. It gently cleans and stimulates the Meibomian glands to release natural oils that keep your eyes from becoming dry and irritated.
15 seconds per lid, once per day is all it takes!

Do your eyes feel
Itchy, Dry, Red, Irritated, or Painful?

Do your eyes:
• Feel like they’re constantly watering?
• Sting, feel gritty, or have a burning sensation?
• Bother you on windy days or when in heated or air-conditioned room?
• Become tired when reading or using the computer?
• Get uncomfortable to wear your contact lenses?

If so, then NuLids may be your answer!


What is Dry Eye Disease

& how can NuLids help?

How Does NuLids help Dry Eye Disease?

• Addresses leading cause of Dry Eye – Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (glands are clogged and unable to produce adequate lubrication to eyes)
• Gently & safely cleans eyelids
• Stimulates natural eyelid lubrication
• When used as directed, can reduce & in many cases eliminate the pain, burning, soreness, redness, etc. associated with DED

How can I Purchase a NuLids System?

• NuLids is available online as well as through eye doctors in the US
• Simply complete the form and then purchase for $319

Dollar Savings – Will the NuLids System Pay for Itself?

• When used as directed, NuLids can result in a significant dollar savings by reducing or eliminating your need for daily expensive:
– Lid Scrubs
– Warming Masks
– Gels
– Immunosuppressants
– Moisturizing drops, etc.
– AND give you your quality of life back!

The NuLids Solution Package

Fast and Easy home-based therapy provides real sustainable improvement for those with chronic dry eye.

Support. Education. Online Access.

NuSight Medical provides you with a portfolio of features with your NuLids device:

NuLids Starter Kit

NuLids STARTER KIT NuLids Device 30 day supply of NuLids Tips Charger Quick start Guide and 1 year warranty

Education and Training

Dry Eye educational videos Online instructional videos/user guide Customer solutions and support

Secure Portal Access

Access your account from anywhere, 24/7 Order disposable tips Manage your account

Video: NuLids Vs. Pharmaceuticals

Fast and Easy home-based therapy provides real sustainable improvement for those with chronic dry eye.

The NuLids System may reduce your need for expensive over-the-counter lubricants, gels, and tears, that can cost on average $600 to $1,000 per year.


• Uses a soft, daily disposable that gently stimulates and massages your eyelid margins
• A natural way to significantly improve tear stability (and the time it takes for your tears to evaporate) by increasing Meibomian gland output – this means your eyes stay lubricated LONGER, as nature intended
• Easy to use: a simple 15 second treatment per eyelid, once per day- that’s it!

Watch to see how it works!


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what NuLids users saying:

“It’s so fast, and that small little change in routine makes a huge difference in your overall lifestyle. It gave me my quality of life back and that’s invaluable to me. Thank you NuLids!”


– “At only 30 seconds per eye, it was so easy to add to my daily routine – brush my teeth, wash my face, and clean my eyelids.”


“Everything I was told NuLids would do for me-it did. I am very grateful for that. It’s now a part of my daily routine and I’m never going back!”


Finally an all-natural, one-minute per-day treatment system for Dry Eye Disease
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Are you ready to break the vicious cycle of Dry Eye Disease? Dry Eye is very common and can seriously compromise your quality of life if ignored. 


Nearly half (48%) of Americans age 18 and older regularly experience dry eye symptoms.


of eye care professionals surveyed consider dry eye to be underdiagnosed.


A recent poll showed that more than 26 million Americans currently suffer from dry eyes. 

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